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Wedding of Seán Mac Eoin to Alice Cooney

(Click image to view footage)

This video was shot outside St. Mel's Cathedral Longford as Seán & Alice emerge from the cathedral after their wedding ceremony in 1922. 

Seán Mac Eoin takes Possession of Custume Barracks Athlone from the British Army

(Click image to view footage)

Amazing footage of Seán Mac Eoin leading the Irish Army into Custume barracks Athlone and raising the Tricolour over Athlone Castle for the first time using a flagpole taken from a boat on the river Shannon 
Raising Flag (full).png

Seán clearing a road block near Sligo

General Seán Mac Eoin wielding an axe to clear a road block somewhere near Sligo around the time of Arthur Griffith's public meeting in Sligo in 1922.  Mac Eoin takes off his coat apparently because he is getting too hot with the work.  However it should be remembered that Mac Eoin was shot three times in the chest the previous year when he was captured in Mullingar by the British and only two out of the three bullets were removed during surgery.  The third bullet remained in his chest for the remainder of his life and surely would have affected him as soon as one year after the shooting.
The tall figure wearing a black overcoat and top hat in the initial sequence looks like Eamon DeValera.
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